Welcome to Week 8


Intro Part One

Remember to continue Tracking, Breathing and Utilizing the tools that serve you to stay current and connected to yourself and others.

When Feeling overwhelmed, Frustrated, or Discouraged

Choose to slow down, Breathe, AND ASK YOURSELF:

1. Am I in INTEGRITY (ie: Feeling, expressing, and aligning with myself and my agreements?)

2. Have I held back any expression or avoided speaking authentically to anyone?

3. Is there anything I am wanting or not taking action on creating and/or getting support with?

These 3 questions can be a powerful way to clear up an incomplete and support you to take responsibility in an empowering way.


Body Mapping and Tracking Emotions:

It is very valuable to listen to your body’s feedback. This is a general guideline that can be supportive in checking into what you may be feeling and giving it space to be felt or consciously cleared via movement or Communication.

Neck, Shoulders, HeadUnexpressed Anger, Boundaries or Want. Accumulated Frustration…

Chest, Throat, and Heart AreaGrief, Loss, Hurt

Gut, Solar Plexus, and Low BackFear, Avoidance, Insecurity

Intro Part Two


Befriending FEAR:

Consciously workign with Fear is one of the most productive and empowering things we can do. With all of the escalation of reactivity and polarity right now, we can support and contribute in beleficial ways by moving through the grip of Fear that amplifies reactivity! Here is the a Fear menter handout from Katie Hendricks:

Fear Melters

Thriving By Appreciating:

Here is an articl ethat a great friend of mine Yancy Wright wrote. It highlights the power of Appreciation as a transformational tool create healthy relationships and a happy life!

Science of Appreciation

Here is an inspiring talk that shows what the FUTURE can look like when a Man does his healing work and receives the support he needs to HEAL, GROW AND EVOLVE.

Eldra is a powerful example of a man who is embodying the New Warrior and using his past shadows to create a brighter future.

Here is a Qi Gong Flow I filmed while in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco with a good bro!

Guest Session With Nick Johnson



Guest Session With Tobin Zivon



Guest Session With Kristopher Lovestone

Here is a link for the worksheets for bringing up hard topics and finding mutual sexual interest that Kristopher mentions on the call.



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