Welcome to Week 3


“It is not the situation which makes the man, but the man who makes the situation.” 

Frederick William Robertson


Intro Video

Action Steps for this week

1. Skillfully Working With Reactivity. Go over this PDF as a practice model to become highly skilled at in any moment: 

Core Steps For Working With Reactivity


Exploration: When was the last time you fully expressed Anger through your body and voice in an intentional way? How Full is your frustration bucket? What do you do with the accumulated charge in your body or mind?

Set an intention to welcome the force of anger as an ally. Feel into what is good about having a charge of potential energy that you can direct in a healthy or effective way.


Ask these 3 questions to locate yourself in any challenging or insecure moment:

    1.  What do I want right now and where am I wanting from?  (Am I outsourcing my approval, security, self-worth, validation.) Is my inner child at the wheel right now or the man I am?
    2.  Am I willing to be curious and wonder or am I trying to control this situation?
    3.  Can I welcome and accept what I am feeling right now and know that I am Whole & Complete within myself ~NOW~ regardless of any wants or desires that are arising within me?  (Regardless of whether I have accomplished my life goals, spiritual development or …………….)

Here is another great video from our friends at the Conscious Leadership Group. It highlights the key pattern of how we go Below The Line when outsourcing Approval and/or Security. Jim also speaks to control, which is another valuable piece in the equation of Outsourcing and going Below The Line:




2. Shame, Aggression, and the Inner Critic. I have been fortunate to mentor and train with Robert Masters and this is a well-written article to help understanding SHAME and the pervasive impact it has on our lives:



4. Explore some journaling or inner reflection and contemplate these questions:

  1. How did your parents express their emotions or frustrations?
  2. Was it direct or indirect?
  3. Did your parents take responsibility for their upsets? Or was there a tendency to blame others?
  4. How did you feel being around either of your parents when they were upset?


5. Share a Facebook post about anything you may have learned from the above inquiry.


6. Explore these 3 new Breathwork Videos below at least 3 times this week:

Warrior Breathing

Here is an effective breathing practice to burn through temnsion and clear anger

Burning Through Tension Practice

Here is a powerful way to clear tension, move anger and enliven your energy.

Pranify Practice

Here is a 30min breath work video that I invite you to explore as a way of building your vitality as well as releasing stress and physical/emotional tension.

Christopher John Stubbs Guest Session


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