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“If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve,”

Debbie Millman


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Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives

Our Mindset and the beliefs we have formed about reality can be considered the guiding principles that provide direction and meaning in life.

Beliefs originate from what we hear – and keep on hearing from others, ever since we were children (and even before that!). The sources of beliefs include environment, events, knowledge, past experiences, visualization etc. One of the biggest misconceptions people often harbor is that belief is a static, intellectual concept. Nothing can be farther from truth! Beliefs are ever evolving and malleable if we are willing look at and question them. Our beliefs become our gateway to what is possible or our greatest obstacle. Beliefs are not just cold mental premises, but are ‘hot stuff’ intertwined with emotions (conscious or unconscious). They are like a living filter that either fuels or hinders our mindset in any given situation.

One of the most basic beliefs that most of us carry about ourselves, has to do with how we view and inhabit what we consider to be our personality. Our basic assumption of who we are and who we can become is deeply rooted in a set of beliefs that affects our Mindset.

Like most things in life, we are neither one way or the other all of the time. Much like the Above and Below the line awareness we are in a consistent flux between two primary mindsets ~ Either Fixed or Growth ~ depending on our current mood, state or level of reactivity.

A “fixed mindset” assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static givens which we can’t change in any meaningful way, and success is the affirmation of that inherent intelligence, an assessment of how those givens measure up against an equally fixed standard; striving for success and avoiding failure at all costs become a way of maintaining the sense of being smart or skilled.

A “growth mindset,” on the other hand, thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities. Out of these two mindsets, which we manifest from a very early age, springs a great deal of our behavior, our relationship with success and failure in both professional and personal contexts, and ultimately our capacity for happiness.

This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. Although people may differ in every which way — in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments — everyone can change and grow through application and experience.

The fixed mindset — creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over. If you have only a certain amount of intelligence, a certain personality, and a certain moral character — well, then you’d better prove that you have a healthy dose of them. It simply wouldn’t do to look or feel deficient in these most basic characteristics.

At the heart of what makes the “growth mindset” so essential, is that it creates a passion for learning rather than a hunger for approval. Its hallmark is the conviction that human qualities like intelligence and creativity, and even relational capacities like love and friendship, can be cultivated through effort and deliberate practice. Not only are people with this mindset not discouraged by failure, but they don’t actually see themselves as failing in those situations — they see themselves as learning.

Take look at this simple info graphic to get a sense of how you may be operating from these two Mindsets and where you can conscioiusly shift in your life.

Action Steps and Focus For Week 2:

1 – Integrity, Responsibility, & Ownership

Watch these two video’s about INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY from our friends at The Conscious Leadership Group:


Also, watch this video about RESPONSIBILITY:


  2- Integrity Completion Exercise:

Think of anyone you may be incomplete with (past lover, parent, child, or friend) where there may be an energy leak from the past that has not been resolved. Either contact them with the intention to speak your truth, share a withhold, or apologize for your behavior or actions toward them.

OR, use a chair or object to represent the person and speak or express your feelings, judgments, or apology completely. Feel the emotions and go all the way with the intensity or charge that you feel to allow for completion and any unresolved feelings to move through you in a healthy and supportive way.

Notice how you feel afterwards and if you feel more clear or energized in your mind/body experience.

3 – Speaking The Unarguable Truth

One of the most effective ways we can come into Integrity (Wholeness) with ourself and in relationship with others, is to direct our conversations back to what is ALIVE IN YOU NOW. The stories we often make up about what we THINK is happening are rarely fully accurate. 

Read this PDF and practice with a friend or lover: LEARNING TO SPEAK THE UNARGUABLE TRUTH

BE compassionate and gentle with yourself for where you are right now. The shift moves will grow more as we move along. For now, simply, notice and accept your experience.

4. – Breath Alchemy videos (below)
Breathwork is one of the most effective and natural ways we have to uplevel our experience, increase energy & focus, release tension, and breakthrough negative thought cycles.  First watch the 15 minute Breath Alchemy video below that describes a few key elements that are valuble to focus on during this style of breathwork, then try the second and incorporate this sytle of breathwork into your daily practices.

Commit to regularly take a TIME IN focused breathing session 2-5 times a day to revitalize your energy and clear your mind. In 5 minutes, you can radically shift your physiology and mental state by simply breathing in a conscous and focussed way.

5 – Cultivating Positive Feeling States
Explore the video and written description below about Cultivating and Amplifying Positive Feeling states. Shake and activate all 5 Positive Feeling states or simply pick one and focus on it for a few minutes at a time. To get the most out of this practice, use it often for short periods of time until you can sustain positive states fro longer periods of time.


6- Stay attentive to when you may be Below The Line and do something to shift back into curiosity and openness to learning.
Pay particular attention to what may be the Belief, Fear, or Reason that you are below the line right now. Explore this with curiosity and wonder, with an openness to discovery and learning. The goal is to shift out of any pattertn of self criticism and judgment that perpetuates the cycle of Below The Line Reactivtiy or Thought Patterns.

Please share a moment in the FB Group that you noticed yourself BELOW THE LINE and what you did to shift back to wonder and curiosity with a willingness to learn from your experience.

Breath Alchemy

Here are two Breathwork Video practices


This first one has an intro into the value and principals of effective breathwork.


This second practice is shorter and more concise.


Skeletal Shaking & Positive Feeling States Written Description:

~ Let go of stresses and congested energy by shaking them out.

~ Release physical + emotion tensions and revive yourself.

~ Invoke Positive Feelings that feed and enliven you!

Shaking is a simple and powerfully effective Qigong technique. It relaxes and warms all of the muscles, organs, joints and even the multitudes of cells of your body. Whole-body shaking is an excellent way to exercise and detoxify every cell. Besides being an effective warm-up, shaking the Body can nourish bone marrow, strengthen the spine, and support the kidneys and adrenal glands. In fact, every organ and cell in the body is enhanced by shaking the Body. Lymph flow is enhanced so that more gunk is cleared out and your immune function improved. Blood flow increases and hormonal secretions will be regulated. Bouncing up and down like this also adjusts the magnetic field, organizing and balancing it. Shaking can strengthen cells through the quick, extra force each shake places on the cells. It adds a sudden dollop of extra-gravitational force, creating a need for all of the cells to buck up.

Recommended Time: 1-2 minutes, especially when you feel low energy or heavy with stress or emotional charge.

Description of Physical Movements

To begin, stand in a shoulder-width stance. Start the movement from the bottom of your feet—not your ankles Shake in an up-and down-motion. Be gentle. Breathe freely and fully. The arms can be either hung loose or actively shaken in concert with the rest of the body. Shake for a minute to several minutes. Finish the exercise by making the motions smaller and smaller until they are physically imperceptible. Then be still and feel the continuing internal vibrations. You will feel warm, tingly, and open with increased blood and Qi flow.

Modifying the Exercise

Find just the right speed and intensity of shaking for you. If you shake too hard or too fast, it might tense you up. If you don’t shake with enough movement, it won’t relax your body and warm you up as well. If anything at all hurts with the shaking, find a way to shake easier, smaller.

Mental Focus

Imagine all of the tissues and cells of your body opening and releasing stagnant or blocked energy to be washed into the ground. Visualize this cellular cleansing while intending a downward energy flow. As you shake, old, stagnant, or toxic Qi will sink into the ground, like rainwater washing dust o a tree. Let the space between your cells expand.

Positive feeling states:

Standing, breathing into your belly and coming into a gentle bouncing of your body from your feet up. Begin to think and intend each of these feeling states. Use imagery and emotions to activate a felt experience of each of these feelings. Take time for each one on the list below and go for at least 30 seconds to a minute.

This is a practice of developing positive neuro-networks that are generally underdeveloped in most people. Positive Feelings are essential to being able to function at a high level in the world. We only truly learn when having a good time. The goal is to cultivate these feeling states and literally grow new neuron connections and patterns that support health and wellbeing.

The goal is to cultivate these feeling states and literally grow stronger neural connections that support positivity and wellbeing. Do this practice daily and more than once a day if you can. This practice will promote the production of and flow of healthy chemicals in your body that essential for a vibrant life. You can also do it sitting still and breathing. Most importantly, you want to feel the experience and notice the response in your body and energy levels. One of the best times to practice this is when you are stressed and wound up. Once you can shift your experience from stressful thoughts and emotions to a more open and pleasurable state, you will be well on your way to a more empowered and inspiring life experience. It is not intended to avoid feeling your feelings though. On the flip side, this is an effective way to saturate yourself with positive energy and feel good sensations that will balance out the tendency to get overwhelmed or overly stressed.

1 – Relaxation and calm
2 – Strength and an “I can do it attitude”
3 – Joy

4 – Love
5 – Ecstatic Aliveness


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