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Unconscous Commtiments and info



Here is a trailer to a Potent video that Highlights what most of us have grown up with in one way or another.

You can find out more and see the entire film here: http://therepresentationproject.org/film/the-mask-you-live-in-film/



  1. Share a Live Video or Written Post in our FB group with a Check IN and 1-3 commitments that you want to focus on for the next 9 WEEKS. (A good example of a Commitment is Purposeful Use Of Social Media: Having a clear intention to check in, post or scroll, with a time limit or purposeful reason)
  2. Watch this brilliant video about Living Above The Line that our friends at The Conscious Leadership Group Created over and become familiar with the LIVING ABOVE THE LINE HANDOUT BELOW.
  3. Reflect and journal about situations that you regularly go Below The Line in your Thoughts, Attitude, Interactions or Behaviors.
  5. Explore and practice Inner Tracking and The Breath Wave. (See videos below)
  6. Lastly, Here is a 15min Breath Reset Practice. This is a well made audio only video that guides you through a simple and very effective Breath journey. This is often called Rebirthing or Holotropic Breathing and is very effective as an emotional reset: https://youtu.be/VxQRzuttq5A

The Foundation Practice of Inner Tracking

Build your awareness from the ground up. Nourish your mind and body by sensing and feeling at 3 levels of awareness:

1. Body
2. Emotions
3. Thoughts

The Breath Wave Practice

Optional Guest Session

with Stefan Grafstein

Stefan coaches business leaders in finding their passion and multiplying their level of impact in the world. He also coaches partners in accessing mutual understanding, effective communication and profound authenticity. Stefan has developed techniques that effectively assist people in personal and professional development including: retinal field meditation, relational mindfulness, and shamanic vocal expression. 

Stefan is also the founder of Live Ignited: teaching self-mastery through adventure. He has been leading retreats and workshops to create more freedom, success, and meaning in life, since 1999. He has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and was an award-winning neuroscience researcher. Stefan developed a dedicated yoga and spiritual practice early in his life during a battle with stress, imbalance, and an “incurable” autoimmune disease. He now lives in balance and flow disease-free and his journey has informed his life path and purpose.

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