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By Participating and Staying Engaged With The Group

One of the most important factors for your success in this Program is ongoing engagement. We are going to journey together as unique individuals on a TEAM, creating, supporting and celebrating our growth edges and successes.
This program is intentionally DESIGNED to leverage the amplified energy field of the group to propel you in a positive and empowering direction.
That can only happen if you utilize and allow the support of the group – by being real with where you are and what
you’re moving towards. There are no “have to’s” but there will be continued invitations to show up in both your vulnerability & magnificence.
These interactions build community and multiply the value for yourself and others.
At some point, you might find yourself feeling isolated, feeling overwhelmed, thinking you are falling behind, judging your progress, comparing yourself to others or otherwise feeling disconnected, defended or resistant and want to disengage.
That’s part of the process and expected. The key is to not judge yourself for feeling disengaged. Simply re-engage. Re-engage with the exciting and scary challenges in your life, relationships or business.
Here’s a checklist of invitations to support you in engaging & re-engaging with the group:
1. Bring your unique voice to the group during our sessions. Even if you don’t have the“perfect” question to ask or challenge to work on, something as simple as saying “I’m here,” gives the group the gift of your presence and will increase your ability to receive from this experience and collective energy.
2. Post at least once per week in the The Men’s Passage Facebook Group. Please share your challenges, celebrations, “aha’s”, questions, requests for support and things you want feedback on.
3.  Comment on 2 or more group member’s posts each week. It can be as simple and supportive as “I hear you.” “I’m facing the same challenge.” “I’m inspired by that.” Or “Way to go!”
4.  Pick one or 2 Men that you can call weekly about what you are learning; about yourself, your repeating patterns, and what you are committed to healing and transforming. 
Thank you for choosing YOU and being willing to LEARN, GROW and LOVE more Fully!!!



April 30th, 2020

In this module, you will go deep into yourself and fortify your foundation on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Without a strong and centered Foundation, we look for outside validation and easily lose our center. This is an opportunity to root deeper into yourself while stretching beyond your comfort zone to rewire any habits or behaviors that keep your sexual life, relationship, creativity, or career from truly thriving.



May 7th, 2020

This module is all about gaining clear insight and developing laser focused goals for your personal, professional, and relational growth. Your intention is the fuel that propels you forward — it’s your inner fire and your inspiration to stay disciplined in the practices that will change your life. Your thoughts and beliefs have a major impact on what you experience and you will learn to recognize where they are limiting you and break through those boundaries in a phsyiological way.




May 14th, 2020

The healthy masculine is emotionally mature, penetrating, compassionate, and purpose-driven. This module is about strengthening your masculine force and connection to your core. This will increase your capacity to show up with a grounded heart that’s wide open. You will learn how to embody powerful masculine archetypes that create more confidence and meaningful connection in all your relations.





May 21st, 2020

An intimate relationship with a beloved is the ultimate test of how spiritually mature or developed you are. In this module, you will learn the most valuable tools I know of  —  the ones that magnify love and burn through relational drama or repetitive patterns.





May 28th, 2020

This module is about increasing the bandwidth of your being on many levels. To break out of familiar habits and addictions you need to become aware of how to engage yourself in ways that are more deeply stimulating, vitalizing, and pleasurable. We are going to turn on your nervous system in fun and exhilarating ways that stimulate hormones, enliven cells, and will have you firing on all cylinders!






June 4th, 2020

FLOW is one of the hottest subjects around right now and for many good reasons. Without access to what is called FLOW, the hustle of life will deplete and wear you out. FLOW is an optimal state of functioning efficiently, and you don’t need to be a super athlete to access it. You can access your higher faculties and find FLOW in your work, your relationship, and through vitality enhancing practices. You will learn effective access points to achieve a high-functioning state that you can bring to all you do.





June 11th, 2020

More than any superfood supplement, working with your sexual energy will enhance your life. As men, we are evolving our sexual capacity to include the full spectrum of sexuality in a conscious and responsible way.





June 18th, 2020

This module is about developing what it takes to continually apply what you learn in this program so you can live with embodied purpose and make your highest ambitions a reality. You will take the reigns to steer the wild horses within you.




Week 9 Call recording and info

June 25th, 2020





These are new Resources by the Conscious Leadership Group on working with and understanding THE DRAMA TRIANGLE:




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